Project overview Apartment asahi tower

Location  of Asahi Tower apartment project  – is the center connecting three arterial roads: Nguyen Van Linh, Vo Van Kiet and National Highway 50, connecting across 3 axes of East, West and South Saigon

Project name:  Asahi Tower

Investor: Group 577;

Construction unit: CC1;

Supervisor: SCQC;

Project manager: Nageco;

Project legal: complete + have construction license;

Scale: 4,600m2, Height of 21 floors; Shopping mall floor: 1-2-3 shop-office; 4th floor Food-court, 5th floor Cinema. Apartments from 8- 8th floor, 20 units / floor;

Construction density: 33.06%

21 floors: 02 basements – There is a way through the Metro Station No. 5 – 05 first commercial floor in the area. 14 storey apartments.

Guarantee bank: LienViet PostBanK

Project scale: 276 Asahi Tower apartments.

Area: 62.44 – 85.1m2.

Expected delivery time: Q2 / 2020. Pink book – permanent ownership.

Project overview Apartment asahi tower


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