How to take care of Alaskan dogs


These Alaskan dogs are extremely resistant to heat, as well as a two-layer long coat. Therefore, on hot days this will be one of the times when they feel most uncomfortable. You can help keep these Alaska breeds stable by trimming their fur to keep them cooler.

Besides, the problem of drinking water is also one of the most important factors never forget the water for these dogs. In particular, you can let them eat ice cream in high heat to cool them down.


You can provide them with fresh foods, you can also choose from the pellets, but they will prefer the pellets.

The main ingredient is protein and beef is their favorite food. If you can not afford, you can turn to lean pork meat, duck eggs, chicken, pork offal.

You should also add some fruits and vegetables to add vitamins and cooling to their diet.


As it is on them very active, so let them be active regularly. Run around in the park, doing half-hour-heavy exercises a day to reduce stress and keep them healthier.

Body hygiene:

– The hair is thick, so it is necessary to brush your hair weekly, take a shower 2 times a week, and go to the spa every quarter.

– Brush your teeth 2 times / week, because they often eat meat so it is easy to smell.

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