Address specializing in distribution of construction materials in Binh Phuoc province

Binh Phuoc province is large, large and small infrastructures are racing to grow a lot. Contractors always put safety factor first, so it is very important to find good quality construction materials suppliers.

Truong Thinh Phat Company has been operating for a long time here, capturing many concerns of customers. We are considered a supplier of construction materials with high quality – prestigious No. 1: shaped steel, steel pipe, steel box, purlin, construction sand, cement, bricks, Pomina steel, steel Hoa Phat, Southern steel, …

The latest information on giá vật liệu xây dựng will be updated on the website system to make it easier for you to follow. Operating with many years of experience, the service is always guaranteed to be 100% absolute. Support detailed quotation 24 / 24h

We deliver goods regardless of whether the construction materials are large or small, full sales invoices. All construction materials that we provide are committed to genuine, the price is extremely reasonable

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